Tuesday Evenings Community Bible Study

Wednesday Mornings Community Bible Study

CBS is where everyone in our local community can discover God through the study of His Word, the Bible.  We are an inclusive and caring bunch--a mixture of "churched" and "unchurched," old and young, men and women with very diverse backgrounds and levels of Bible knowledge. We respect and cherish the diversity among us and because we focus on the eternal truths of God's Word and how it can be applied in our daily lives, divisive topics or political/religious differences and opinions are discouraged.  This is a place where we honor God's Word, study, contemplate, refresh, and reset! 

CBS is an international organization founded in the early 70's by a group of women studying together in their neighborhood offering a wide variety of classes to meet people where they live.  CBS has been meeting in San Marcos for over 25 years.  We are not affiliated with any one church or denomination, but we do meet in a large and beautiful "host" church conveniently located on Ranch Road 12 between San Marcos and Wimberley, the First Christian Church.  Our classes meet weekly for about 30 weeks during the school year.  You can enroll at any time throughout the class year, or just come and visit and check us out.  Sign-up is easy and registration is $35/year.  Since we don't want money to be a hindrance, scholarships are also available. 

Each class member receives materials for personal study-a course book with a commentary and home study questions which can also be accessed online.  Each week, you’ll participate in small group discussions and a large group teaching. From time to time, fellowship meals will provide special times of sharing and relationship building within the class.  Nursery/child care available.