First News, August 30
September 1, 2019, 8:33 AM
WEEK of August 30 - September 1
The new school year is about to begin, and your interest and support are
again needed to help provide school supplies for children at Mendez Elementary. A list of needed supplies is below. Please add your donations
to these at "Mendez Education Station" located in the foyer.
Supplies will be collected through Sunday, September 8.
Your loving expressions of generosity are so very much appreciated.
  • Box of #2 Sharpened Pencils
  • 5 Inch Scissors
  • Boxes of Crayons
  • Bottles of Glue
  • Large Glue Sticks
  • Boxes of Facial Tissues
  • Package of Manila Paper
  • Package of Construction Paper
  • Package of Colored Pencils
  • Package of Erasers
  • Package of Wide Ruled Notebook Paper
  • Box of Quart Size Zipper Plastic Bags
  • Box of Gallon Size Zipper Plastic Bags
  • Wide Ruled Spiral Notebooks - 70 Page
  • 3 Hole Hand Punch
  • Pocket Folders - Classic Colors
  • Packages of Notebook Dividers
  • Box of Classic Colored Crayola Thin Washable Markers
Please deposit donations at the Mendez Education Station
in the Narthex by Sunday, September 8.
Thank You!
MALE CALL & ALL Church Work Day!!
Saturday, September 7
Come for Breakfast @8 and stay for Work Day @ 9
All are welcome!
A list of work-day projects, and on-going projects will be at the Welcome Center on Sunday. Take a look - if there is something you can help with - sign your name. Or you can call the church office and speak with Leta about the projects. The on-going projects can be worked on whenever you have the time. The work-day projects will hopefully be finished on September 7.´╗┐
Take a look & sign up!!
As we enter into the fall schedule, I encourage all of us to consider Mother Teresa's insight into our busyness and it's resulting consequences. Our heart and value is to love our children and create a good life. The culture around us says a good life is the best of all things materially, the best of schools, excelling athletically and academically and being involved in what will help our children get ahead. On face value, this doesn't seem to be conflict with Christian values. However, when one tries to meet the standard of "the good life" many things of value fall away: family meals with conversation, down time to think and play, choosing activities over spiritual development. In addition, exhaustion sets in and life becomes a chore with little time to renew spiritual energy and perspective. Our challenge is to make decisions out of a different set of values. Jesus said this would be hard for us, but challenged us to do it nevertheless. The results will be of eternal value.
PLUS we will be honoring 18 of our young people who are making
´╗┐important transitions this year.
At 9 a.m. on the 8th we will also begin our new Sunday School classes
for youth and adults. 
Adult Class - Responding to God’s Grace with
Linda Vetters - Church Parlor - open to all.
Jr. High & High School Class
How to Study the Bible, with Shawn in room #102. 
There will be planned children’s activities at 9 a.m. and Bible study will continue to be during worship/Children’s Church.
September Birthdays
Deann French • September 1
Marti Poth • September 1
Cory Valenzuela • September 1
Tommy Yada • September 2
Sara Trammell • September 4
Isabella Martinez • September 4
Beth Judkins-Mickolas • September 6
Divyan Grub • September 7
Kyle Stapp • September 8
Louise Mullins • September 9
Micah Martinez • September 10
Mackenzie Kincaid • September 10
Brady Trammell • September 10
Aidyn Herrera • September 11
Randy Ayers • September 14
Cari Fowler • September 15
Bill Damron • September 16
Sergio Herrera • September 20
Pearl Grubb • September 20
Leta Altom • September 21
Sarah Barrett • September 24
Tara Miles • September 28